HÖFLER Gear Grinding Machine VIPER 500

Maximum Flexibility and Speed in the Grinding Process

The adaptable gear grinding machine VIPER 500 is designed for component diameters up to 500 mm and is optimally suited for both the smallest and the largest batch sizes. It is available in three different configurations, depending on individual requirements:

  • Profile grinding
  • Small grinding wheels and multiple-wheel technology (VIPER 500 K)
  • Generation grinding (VIPER 500 W).


Particularly for users with frequent product changes, the flexible machine concept ensures an even more dynamic and efficient production process. The VIPER 500 W configuration allows both profile grinding and continuous generation grinding on the same machine – with minimal retooling time. To change the grinding technology, just swap out the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel flank and the dressing wheel. On all three variants, the optional internal gear grinding arm allows retooling from external to internal gearing in less than 15 minutes.

At the same time, the special machine axis arrangement provides the basis for maximum precision, continuous quality, and tremendous flexibility. Thanks to its innovative design, the machine is powerful, easy to clean, and extremely energy efficient. And last but not least, the proprietary GearPro software guarantees routine operation for the attendant, even when the applications are complex.

Highlights at a Glance

  • Highly adaptable machine for generation, profile and internal grinding 
  • Retooling from generation grinding to profile grinding in less than 5 minutes 
  • Retooling for internal grinding in less than 15 minutes 
  • Highly dynamic axes with 5 m / sec2 acceleration and 20 m / min rapid traverse
  • Low-maintenance machine concept due to separation of working chamber from drive technology 
  • No pump station needed for grinding oil 
  • Optimal energy efficiency thanks to recovery and on-demand powering of units